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Face & Body Sculpting Technician & Certified Lash Technician located in Sunnyvale, CA

When it comes to getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat and cellulite, diet and exercise may not be enough to help you reach your body goals. Dedicated to helping you look and feel your best, the team of face and body sculpting technicians at OSPA SKIN & BODY in Sunnyvale, California, offers noninvasive cryoslimming using the innovative CRYO T-SHOCK device. To schedule cryoslimming, contact the office by phone or book online today.

Cryslimmning Q & A

What is cryoslimming?

Cryoslimming is a nonsurgical body contouring treatment offered at OSPA SKIN & BODY. The practice uses the innovative CRYO T-SHOCK device to get rid of unwanted fat, tighten your skin, and smooth out your dimpled cellulite. 

How does cryoslimming work?

Cryoslimming isn’t like other noninvasive body contouring tools. The CRYO T-SHOCK device uses a combination of warm and cold treatments directly applied to the skin. Your fat cells are more vulnerable to these sudden temperature changes than the other cells in your body.

The warm and cold temperatures disrupt the integrity of your fat cells, causing them to die without affecting any other tissue in the area. The dead fat cells trigger the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators that gradually eliminate them from the area. 

With other noninvasive body contouring tools, the treatments are less predictable and may affect other cells. With cryoslimming, only your fat cells are affected, resulting in a significant reduction in fat layer thickness and cellulite appearance.

Who should consider cryoslimming?

Cryoslimming is a versatile treatment that benefits many body concerns. OSPA SKIN & BODY offers the body contouring treatment to anyone looking to:

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Tighten saggy skin
  • Treat stubborn pockets of fat

If you’re struggling to meet your body goals, contact OSPA SKIN & BODY to schedule your cryoslimming consultation. 

What can I expect during cryoslimming treatments?

OSPA SKIN & BODY performs cryoslimming treatments at the office. Treatments take about 30 minutes. 

During your session, your technician applies the CRYO T-SHOCK device to your skin. The device uses a massage-like technique to first deliver two minutes of heat, followed by 22-26 minutes of cold, and then another 2-3 minutes of heat. 

OSPA SKIN & BODY recommends repeating your fat-reduction treatments every 14 days. The number of treatments you need depends on your body goals.

How long does it take to get results?

You may start to notice an improvement in your shape within a week after your first cryoslimming session. 

Though you may notice a significant change after 2-3 weeks, your body continues to eliminate the destroyed fat cells for several months after you complete your treatments. 

The results of your cryoslimming treatments may last months or years, depending on your diet and lifestyle. However, for cellulite and skin tightening, OSPA SKIN & BODY recommends monthly treatments to maintain results.

To schedule your cyroslimming consultation, call OSPA SKIN & BODY or book online today. 

*Individual results may vary.