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Though your mascara may promise to add volume and length to your eyelashes, the results may not be quite as dramatic as advertised. To give you the long, luscious eyelashes you desire, the team of face and body sculpting technicians at OSPA SKIN & BODY in Sunnyvale, California, offers eyelash services. Call the office or book an appointment online today.

Eyelash Services Q & A

The length, thickness, and color of your eyelashes are often associated with beauty. Though you may wish for longer, thicker lashes, there may be many reasons why your eyelashes are shorter than you’d like, including:




Vitamin deficiencies

Medical conditions


While you can often improve the look of your lashes with at-home care, if you’re not satisfied with the way your eyelashes look, OSPA SKIN & BODY can help.

Why are my eyelashes short?

What are eyelash services?

OSPA SKIN & BODY offers many aesthetic services to help you meet your beauty goals. Their eyelash services include

Eyelash extensions

To naturally enhance your eyelashes, you may want to consider eyelash extensions. During treatment, your technician carefully attaches an eyelash extension to each of your eyelashes with a special adhesive. This eyelash service is painless and lasts up to six weeks.

Eyelash tint

Eyelash tint is a semi-permanent coloring that darkens your lashes and makes them appear fuller. Eyelash tinting is painless and lasts up to four weeks.

OSPA SKIN & BODY recommends you avoid using harsh makeup removers after application of your eyelash tint to prolong longevity of the treatments.

Eyelash lift

For those with eyelashes that face down or straight, OSPA SKIN & BODY may suggest an eyelash lift. With an eyelash lift, your technician places a silicone rod along your lash line and then paints an adhesive on your lashes along the rod. Your technician then applies a lifting and setting solution to your lashes.

The eyelash lift works much like an eyelash curler you’d use at home. However, the results last 6-8 weeks.

What can I expect during an eyelash services consultation?

You can expect a comprehensive eyelash services consultation at OSPA SKIN & BODY. The practice works closely with you to develop an eyelash treatment plan that fits your lifestyle, beauty goals, and budget.

With more than 13 years of experience helping people achieve their aesthetic face and body goals, OSPA SKIN & BODY can develop a plan that works for you.

To schedule your eyelash consultation, call OSPA SKIN & BODY or book online today.

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260 South Sunnyvale Ave, ST#2, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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OSPA SKIN & BODY is a premier practice offering skin care and body contouring services in Sunnyvale, California. The team of face and body sculpting technicians are proud to provide exceptional care to help patients feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

To learn more about the available services and schedule an appointment, call OSPA SKIN & BODY or request a consultation online today.

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