More Reasons to Smile With Cryo T-Shock

CryoTShock Facelift

When it comes to keeping our muscles healthy, the how-to is obvious: work the muscles with exercise.  Keep them moving, make the muscles and joints go through their range of motion, and work with resistance.

But when it comes to your skin, especially your face, exta care is needed. 

One really great way to keep skin healthy is to use temperature. We can't consciously control the pores and vascular system in our skin, but it still automatically reacts to changes in temperature: opening pores and blood vessels in reaction to heat, and activating the sweat glands and improving circulation. When reacting to cold, the pores close and the blood vessels contract, and this has the effect of reducing inflammation or pain.

With Cryo T-Shock, we can control and stimulate your skin with precisely controlled temperatures in a way that can never be consciously achieved. 

For skin on the face, this results in tighter and smoother skin, less inflammation and puffiness, and fewer lines and wrinkles.  

Cryo T-Shock can really give you more reasons to smile.

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Our warmest regards,

Chona Poe Co-Founder & Manager

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